Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KTLA - Chefs Move to the Classroom - COOK LA

My first day on the job for USDA through Los Angeles Unified School District - "Chefs Move to the Classroom" and guess who came to shoot the students in their chefs' hats...Stan Chambers and KTLA.  My boss forgot to tell me that there would be a camera crew setting up for my class where I was to teach students the benefits of healthy eating and exercise as well as a cooking class all in 90 minutes.  It is short but sweet and oh what a long way I've come from this clip.  I hope you enjoy it and share it with friends as the importance of our children's health should be a priority. 
After a few years later, I decided to share my cooking knowledge with adults as well.  Kids love to cook and the benefits of teaching them how to do so at an early age goes far beyond what we can imagine.  They can and hopefully will make right choices when choosing what to put into their bodies.  And the benefits that parents get out of teaching kids to cook is that they can have a night off while their little chefs create a meal. 
I'm a huge fan of teaching kids how to cook and eat well not only for their bodies to be healthy but also  for their growth and processing invaluable information on grains, fruits and vegetables. 

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